Glorious Twelfth A Folk Art Project

Helen Kerr


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This book is a replica of a folk art project carried out by artist Helen Kerr while studying at Brighton College of Art in 1957. Every aspect of the original work was crafted by Helen – the elaborate paintings and drawings, the calligraphy, and even the book binding.

Helen chose to do her project on wall murals in Belfast. At the time these mainly featured images of Protestant King William III – King Billy whose victory over Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 is celebrated by the Orange Order on the 12th of July each year. Her research included Orange banners made from silk on which images were painted. She came across only one mural in a nationalist area, commemorating the life of United Irishman Robert Emmet.

Glorious Twelfth is a unique analysis and record of mural and banner painting in 1950s Belfast. Helen concluded that the tradition of painting wall murals was in decline. In a poignant reflection she wrote:

If wall painting is dying out, killed by peace and television, I would rather it disappeared altogether than be revived by more fighting and bloodshed.

As it turned out, the Troubles which emerged just over a decade later were to see, for better or worse, a resurgence of mural painting.

The book is introduced by Bill Rolston, author of many books on wall murals.



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