I Did This For You (One Woman’s Journey to Become A Voice for the Voiceless in the Northern Ireland Residential Care System)

Margaret McGuckin


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This is the true heartbreaking and heartwarming story of one woman’s fight for justice because of the awful abuse caused to her and her siblings by nuns and priests. Margaret McGuckin is the tireless unpaid campaigner and co-founder of SAVIA (Survivors & Victims of Institutional Abuse), a charity set up to give a voice to victims of child abuse in Northern Ireland. Margaret is the public face of the crusade for justice and compensation for all abuse sufferers. Margaret believes every abused person deserves love and understanding. She says they should be apologised to and reassured that they are not the problem. She wants the perpetrators to admit their wrongdoing, apologise for it and play their part in healing the innocent victims. Margaret believes in speaking truth to power and bringing hope and restoration to all victims.



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