Míp (bog/paperback)

Máire Zepf, Paddy Donnelly


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Tá Míp an róbat cliste, ag dul go Mars, le fáil amach an bhfuil eachtráin ina gcónaí ann. Tógann sí go leor pictiúr, ach cá bhfuil na heachtráin? Ansin, tarlaíonn tubaiste uafásach…

Based on real events (Mostly!), the story of plucky MÍP, the hardest-working robot in the solar system, is a tale that will inspire earthlings of all ages.

This Irish-language picture book for children tells the story of MÍP, the robot, who is going to travel to Mars to find out whether they have aliens living  there. She takes a lot of photographs, but where are the aliens?




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