Nansen Cuireadh chun Taiscéalaíochta

Robert McMillen


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Nansen: Cuireadh chun Taiscéalaíochta / Nansen: an Invitation to Explore explains how many of the streetnames of west Belfast and the Shankill got their names. Robert McMillen tells us about Fridtjof Nansen, after whom the street beside Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich (and this bookshop!) on the Falls Road sits.

Nansen was a polar explorer, an athlete who became the first man to cross the interior Greenland, and a diplomat who worked for the independence of Norway from Sweden at the start of the last century.

He was also responsible for what became known as the Nansen passport which helped 250,00 Germans and other nationalities, as well as 200,000 Russians return to their homes after the First World War.

The book is an attempt to encourage the people of Belfast to become explorers of their own city.



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