Rita agus an Lampa Draíochta (Bog/Paperback)

Máire Zepf, Mr Ando


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Is Cailín í Rita le smaointe móra. Ba mhaith léi lampa draíochta agus ginid a thabharfas gach mian a croí di.

Alacazám! Alacazám! Zim Zam Alacazú!

Ach bíonn níos mó ná maistir amháin ag ginid, nach mbíonn?

RITA AGUS AN LAMPA DRAÍOCHTA – a magical tale from Máire Zepf and Andrew Whitson, published by An tSnáthaid Mhór.

In Rita agus an Lampa Draíochta (Rita and the Magic Lamp) our heroine goes on an Arabian-Nights-Style adventure on a magic carpet, while wishing for a beautiful palace full of gold, delicious food and fabulous clothes. Best of all, she doesn’t have to share it with anyone. That is, until her little brother decides that he has wishes of his own and he gets a hold of the magic lamp. Now the genie has a new master and Rita’s perfect plan starts to unravel.



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