Seacht mBua An Éirí Amach / Seven Virtues of The Rising (crua / hardback)

Pádraic Ó Conaire, Diarmuid De Faoite


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Leabhar dátheangach ina bhfuil bunleaganacha na scéalta Seacht mBua an Éirí Amach le Pádraic Ó Conaire agus aistriúchán ar an seacht scéal go Béarla le Diarmuid de Faoite.

Bilingual collection of short stories by Pádraic Ó Conaire including seven original short stories in Irish and their corresponding translations to English by Diarmuid de Faoite.

First published in Irish in 1918, this is a collection of seven stories by Pádraic Ó Conaire (1882-1928), the most innovative writer to emerge from the Gaelic Revival. Although not directly concerned with the events of the 1916 Rising, the stories deal with the ways in which the revolt intervenes in the lives of ordinary Irish men and women. Arugably the first important fictional response to the Rising, this is the first time all seven stories have been translated into English and published together.



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