Ten Men Dead

David Beresford


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“An excellent history of the 1981 hunger strike in Ireland that details the broad cast of characters with insight and care”. — from the New York Times Book Review’s “best Books of 1989″In 1981 ten men starved themselves to death inside the walls of Long Kesh prison in Belfast. While a stunned world watched and distraught family members kept bedside vigils, one “soldier” after another slowly went to his death in an attempt to make Margaret Thatcher’s government recognize them as political prisoners rather than common criminals.Drawing extensively on secret IRA documents and letters from the prisoners smuggled out at the time, Ten Men Dead tells the gripping story of these strikers and their devotion to the cause. An intensely human story, Ten Men Dead offers a searing portrait of strife-torn Ireland, the IRA, and the passions — on both sides — that Republicanism arouses.”Beresford puts in human terms the conduct of an often frightful and inhumane struggle. He makes the incomprehensible comprehensible”



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