The Negotiator’s CookBook

Gerry Adams


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The Negotiators Cookbook – Best Kept Secret of the Irish Peace Process

The Negotiators Cookbook is the latest offering from Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams. It gives an in the room view of an aspect of the peace process that until now has been the best kept secret of that process.

It details the efforts of two of the insiders, Ted Howell and Pádraic Wilson to sustain the stamina and energy of the Sinn Féin negotiating team during years of high level negotiations. It includes many of their recipes.

This is not a history of the negotiations. It is a cookbook. A Negotiators Cook Book.

When a negotiations team assembles, sometimes for days, occasionally for weeks, they need to be fed. That’s what Ted and Pádraic did. With soup, home baked bread, pasta dishes, salads, hams, pies, fish dishes or veggie meals, fine desserts and exotic moist fruit cakes.

Now you also can bake or cook the dishes which fed the peace makers.

“These dishes would grace any dinner table. They are also healthy and nourishing. They helped to sustain the peace process.”

Gerry Adams TD



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