The Spirit of the Causeway Coast Beag Crua

Rachael Craven


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The Causeway Coast takes its name from one
of the most famous natural features in the world: the
Giant’s Causeway, with its mysterious tightly-packed
basalt columns leading into the sea to form one of
the most visually exciting UNESCOWorld Heritage
Sites. But the 80 mile stretch of coastline designated
the Causeway Coast, stretching from Belfast Lough to
Lough Foyle and Londonderry, contains a wide range
of fascinating features, both natural and man-made.
Dunluce Castle and MussendenTemple both
perch on cliff-top sites from which you might see
Scotland on a clear day, while Carrick-a-Rede
Rope Bridge lends an even greater sense of
exposure. Natural features likeWhite Rocks Beach,
Torr Head and the mountains of Slemish and
Binevenagh are complemented by equally exciting
flora and fauna, including fulmars, kittywakes,
guillemots and razorbills.
Scattered between the coast’s natural and historic
features lie the old fishing communities, with plenty of
opportunities to share the time of day, talk about the
weather and be regaled by tales of myth and legend
while enjoying the hospitality for which this magnificent
coast is rightly famous.
Local photographer Rachael Craven captures both
the beauty and the spirit of this heritage coast, neatly
condensed into this pocket-sized 64 page memento,
packed with colour photographs.



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