Trusted Like The Fox

Wesley Burrowes


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TRUSTED LIKE THE FOX is a superb tale of suspense from the acclaimed writer for television and the big screen, Wesley Burrowes.

It tells the story of Bill Burgess, a television journalist working in Dublin for many years, who in 1972 decides, in the midst of the political violence raging throughout the North, to take a trip back to his home town in Co. Antrim. The town remains much as he remembers it, at least outwardly, but there are some unsettling surprises in store from those who were his childhood companions. He is baffled by their attitude towards him, but then the grim truth begins to reveal itself…

As well as being a page-turner from a master of suspense,Trusted Like the Fox earns an honourable place in the genre of political fiction, providing a deep insight into the world of Loyalism and the attitudes that drove the extremism of the time. It was a world that Wesley Burrowes knew at first hand, having grown up in the Unionist tradition in Northern Ireland during the 1930s and 1940s.



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