Walk with Gandhi Bóthar na Saoirse (bog)

Gabriel Rosenstock


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Gandhi for the troubled times we live in. Irish poet and haiku master Gabriel Rosenstock teamed up with esteemed Kashmiri artist Masood Hussain to create a dazzling kaleidoscope of events, real and imagined, in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Though aimed originally at young adults to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the extraordinary man who freed India from the shackles of Empire, this gorgeously illustrated book of penetrating haiku and insightful commentary “deserves a wide readership across the world” according to Gandhian expert Ramachandra Guha. Walk with Gandhi, the apostle of human rights; walk with him as he shows us how pacifism works, how non-violence works; walk with Gandhi and see how civil disobedience worked then, and how it can work now when circumstances demand it. “Breath-taking in every respect. What a concept!” (Christopher Herold, Founding Editor, The Heron’s Nest); “A truly moving text that pierces the heart and teaches it of love, of giving and receiving with worshipful reverence of life.” (Waqas Khwaja, poet and critic); “I was moved and enchanted.” (Ramachandra Guha, historian).



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