Window and Mirror RTÉ 1961-2011

John Bowman


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December 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast by RTÉ television and Irish culture and society were irrevocably changed. Window and Mirror presents a critical overview of the national television station, an insider’s ‘warts and all’ account of RTÉ and its fifty-year history. The infant service became a significant player in Irish politics, culture and media, the ‘voice of the nation’ through some turbulent recent periods and key moments in many areas of life. Contentious issues covered include: RTÉ’s relationship with the Church, the GAA, the Government, the effect RTÉ had on the Irish language and coverage of Northern Ireland. Also discussed is controversial and influential programming, from investigations into clerical abuse and money lending, to The Riordans, a pioneer in serial drama. RTÉ was not only a window on the wider world but also a mirror to Irish society. Photographs, cartoons, documents, and other graphics, many not seen before, help capture key moments. Window and Mirror highlights how RTÉ television had and continues to have unparalleled influence on Irish society.
John Bowman’s controversial documentary Battle Station aired on RTÉ1 in July 2012 – this two-part documentary looked at RTÉ’s relationship with the Church and politicians over its fifty year history.



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