The Animal in Amy


Joe Richardson

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‘The Animal in Amy’ is a hilarious adventure, following our resident animal expert Amy Cupples, 11, as she attempts to solve the mystery of missing children, all the while coming to grips with her own set of newly emerging ‘super’ powers.
Did you know that a cheetah can run over 65 miles per hour?
And dung beetles can move objects one thousand times their own body weight?
How about the fact that a crocodile icefish is virtually invisible?

Well Amy knows these facts. Not only that but recently she has found herself possessing the same abilities!
What would you do with such powers? Impress your friends? Teach bullies a lesson? Or try to solve the mystery of missing school children? How about all three?

‘A well-crafted, fast-paced adventure story. Superheroes, science and mystery collide in this exhilarating school story that will captivate readers of all ages.’

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Meachán 223 g
Toisí 203 × 127 × 11 mm


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