A Saucer full of Secrets

Pam Henry


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Alban the cat couldn’t have known how his life would turn out as he lay abandoned in the snow that winter. But from the moment Sedu, a twelve-year-old foundling rescued him, it’s been a whirlwind of magic and adventure!

As members of the Tuath Dé, the two are able to understand each other and venture from their monastery home near the Skelligs to discover the history of their ancestors. Thanks to the guidance of Brother Barnabus and their new mentor Cullen, the pair use a magical key to pass through a hidden doorway into the land of the Tuath Dé. There they are tasked with finding Four Treasures gifted to man centuries ago.

With references to Ireland’s mystical places and magical folklore, Pam Henry has crafted a wonderful take on the legends for children.



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