My Walk with Palestine (An Activist’s Tale)

Fra Hughes


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I first met Fra Hughes when he joined one of my siege-busting convoys to Gaza in 2010. Since then I have been frequently impressed by his activism. If you want to know what makes an activist tick – read this diary!.
George Galloway, London

It is more than a trip you did, it is a journey to our cause and to our hearts and mind, with a sincere touch of honest human effort, reading the book is a joy with some pain but feeling great to have someone like you around, all the best Fra.
Nabil Hallak, Executive Director of the International Forum for Justice in Palestine. Beirut.

The people of Palestine continue to be encouraged by the dedicated support of our friends and comrades like you, throughout the world. In the trajectory of border-less justice, I think your words make it worth remembering Bobby Sands’ dictum that “Everyone…. has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.
Dr . Saeb Sha’ath. Former Palestinian Representative to Ireland.

My walk with Palestine is not a political book even if the title makes it look like an activist story, which is true, it’s the core of this sincere telling but it’s above all a human story. The story of a man born and raised in a difficult city, Belfast, who self-acquired a sensibility towards injustice. It’s a story about love, loving life and being positive towards it; loving the others especially those who are weak and need help, doing something even if it’s teeny for them; love between a man and a woman who supports him and fears for his safety. He also loves her and misses her during his long difficult journey. This is an important aspect that I guess readers will capture as I did.

Another aspect is globalization and internet power that gave our teller access to a kind of information he was starving for, information that is much more pure than the one offered by mainstream media. Such information when received by a man like him changed his life by giving him a wider perspective of the world, a specific goal to achieve and a challenge to overcome.
Strong friendships that he tightened during his journey with some of the convoy participants and also ordinary people of the places where he spent few days or even a swift link he created with a young boy who followed the convoy while passing quickly are aspects of this telling that render it a human more than a political one.
This is the particularity of this telling, it’s a real human story or even stories that Fra Hughes is generously sharing with the readers.
Sherif Salem, Egyptian Filmmaker



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