Nama Land (the inside story of Ireland’s property sell-off and the creation of a new elite)

Frank Connolly


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The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) was created in 2009 to contain the spiralling fallout from Ireland’s property and banking collapse. Its job was to get the maximum return from the sale of assets for the Irish people and help pay down the state’s massive debts. Riven with secrecy and scandal in recent years, however, NAMA has consistently fought off accusations of corruption, insider dealing and conflicts of interest

Here, and for the first time, bestselling investigative journalist, Frank Connolly, details how mismanagement has handed valuable assets belonging to the Irish people to a small coterie of international venture capitalists and created a vibrant trade in state secrets. Based on exclusive interviews with a wide range of interested parties, NAMA-land is the shocking story of how the sale of public assets conspired to disinherit the Irish people and enrich a new local elite.



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